Getting Started in Ham Radio

Ham radio is a colloquial term for amateur radio. Like commercial radio stations, ham radio operators require a license to operate legally. But unlike commercial radio, “Hams” are restricted from accepting any compensation for what they broadcast. Their realm is more like an online discussion board than a media website. Getting started in ham radio … Read more

Atmospheric Data Centers: What are they and why should you want one?

The weather is always a major concern for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and thus, it is always a wise idea to check your local weather report before venturing outdoors for a day of recreation. Fortunately, the popularity of so called “smart” cell phones often enables people to keep track of the weather in their … Read more

Handheld VHF Radios: Social media and S.O.S. in one

We are all well aware of how convenient cell phones can be and, for some people who simply enjoy chatting with their friends when they are out and about, they can be a source of entertainment as well. However, the problem with cell phones is that cell phone companies don’t find it profitable to build … Read more

Personal Locator Beacons: your wilderness lifeline

If you are one of those people who watches the evening news on a regular basis, then you have undoubtedly seen one of the many stories about people who have ventured into the wilderness for a day and yet, due to a lack of navigational skill, they have wandered off the designated trail and become … Read more