Atmospheric Data Centers: What are they and why should you want one?

The weather is always a major concern for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and thus, it is always a wise idea to check your local weather report before venturing outdoors for a day of recreation. Fortunately, the popularity of so called “smart” cell phones often enables people to keep track of the weather in their location. However, the problem with relying on your cell phone for a local weather report is that most cell phone companies do not find it profitable to place cell phone towers in remote locations and thus, those people who like to venture into the outdoors often find that their cell phones have no signal in the places that the like to recreate. Consequently, people in such situations are limited to simple observations of atmospheric conditions in order to determine changes in the weather that may adversely affect their outing. Fortunately, there is a small, electronic, device called an Atmospheric Data Center that enables people to venture into the outdoors to keep track of changes in their local weather conditions without the need to rely in their cell phones and thus, many people find them to be an indispensible tool that they do not leave home without.

In fact, atmospheric data centers are somewhat akin to having your own, personal, weatherman because they perform a number of different functions. For instance, in addition to functioning as a clock, they also have the ability to record and display the current barometric pressure, ambient temperature, altitude and, wind speed; all of which can be very important to the avid outdoorsman. Plus, many models also have integral alarm functions such as storm alarms and wind chill alarms. Therefore, they have the ability to warn you of sudden drops in the barometric pressure which generally precede storm and thus, they provide you with the notice needed to enable you to find shelter before the storm arrives so that you are not caught unaware. In addition, they also have feature a small impeller that, by turning it so that it is exposed, enables you to measure both wind speed and current speed since they are also submersible. Plus, many models also include a ski run counter as well as a chronograph which functions as a stop watch in addition to a race countdown timer.

So, even if you never use the more esoteric functions, atmospheric data centers are still indispensable tools for those who venture into the outdoors simply because of their weather and ambient temperature monitoring features and thus, having one along can make a tremendous amount of difference in keeping you safe when violent weather threatens your outing. However, it should be noted that there are many different models of handheld atmospheric data centers available from such companies as Brunton and Kestrel which have many different varied functions and thus, they range from the very simple to the very sophisticated. So, if you are one of those people who likes to venture into the outdoors and would like to have a means other than your cell phone to keep up with pending weather conditions, then you should consider purchasing an atmospheric data center since they are very handy little devices to have on hand!